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Kitchen Renovation Bullseye Cyprus


KITCHEN RENOVATION – You’ve decided to remodel your kitchen . Now what? Not knowing where to start, many homeowners fall into two camps. Some start by looking at appliances. Others start by collecting inspiration photos.

Both are steps any homeowner can take without the commitment of hiring a professional, and sometimes a homeowner will find themselves in this stage for a year or longer.

Once you’ve simmered in this phase long enough and you’re ready to green-light a kitchen remodeling project.

Plan Your Space

3 Things you Should Know Before Going to the Briefing

We will have a wealth of info to share, but we will certainly require a few things from you. So prepare!

1. A detailed list of your kitchen goals. Do you require more space? Updated cabinets? What about appliances?

2. A to-scale drawing of your current space. This is important to give us an idea of where outlets, plumbing, windows and doors are located.

3. A moodboard. Be it physical or online, you need to be able to show your style preferences and designs that you think work well.

4 Questions to Ask Yourself

1. How many people spend the most time in the kitchen?

2. What kind of entertaining do you do?

3. Who will be doing the cooking?

4. What are the non-negotiables and must-haves?

Spend enough time formulating your answers. The more information we have the better. If you think it might be worth mentioning, put it in.

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